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Boiler Plate

Product Image: Boiler Plate
Description: 1. Main Application: To widely apply Petroleume,Chemical Factory and the Boilers domains.They also are made the Reactor, Heat Exchanger,Separator,Spherical Tank,the Tank of oil gas,Nuclear reactor pressure shell,High-pressure water pipe,Turbin shell and other equipments.
2. Rolling range: T*W*L 6-300mm*1500-4100mm*3000-18000mm
Grade  Standard
A516/A516M  (S)A516Gr55,(S)A516Gr60,(S)A516Gr65, (S) A516Gr70 A515/A515M (S)A515Gr55,(S)A515Gr60,(S)A515Gr65, (S) A515Gr70 A537/A537M (S)A537CL1, (S)A537CL2, (S)A537CL3 A204/A204M A204GrA,A204GrB,A204GrC A387/A387M SA387Gr11CL1,SA387Gr11CL2,SA387Gr12CL1,SA387Gr12CL2, SA387Gr22CL1,SA387Gr22CL2(HIC) A299/A299M SA299GrA,SA299GrB A285/A285M A285GrA,A285GrB,A285GrC A533/A533M SA533GrACL1/CL2/CL3/CL4,SA533GrB A203/A203M SA203GrE,SA203GrD A302/A302M SA302GrC ASTM/ASME
P235GH,P265GH,P295GH,P355GH,16Mo3 P275N,P275NH,P275NL1,P275NL2,P355N,P355NH,P355NL1,P355NL2, P460N,P460NH,P460NL1,P460NL2 P355Q,P355QH,P355QL1,P355QL2,P460Q,P460QH,P460QL1,P460QL2, P500Q,P500QH,P500QL1,P500QL2,P690Q,P690QH,P690QL1,P690QL2 P355M,P355ML1,P355ML2,P420M,P420ML1,P420ML2,P460M,P460ML1, P460ML2 EN10028
HI,HII,17Mn4,19Mn6,15Mo3,13CrMo44,10CrMo910 DIN 17155
SB410,SB450,SB480,SB450M,SB480M SPV235,SPV315,SPV355,SPV410,SPV450,SPV490 JIS
GB713 Q245R,Q345R,Q370R,18MnMoNbR,13MnNiMoR,5CrMoR,14Cr1MoR, 12Cr2Mo1R,12Cr1MoVR GB3531 16MnDR,15MnNiDR,09MnNiDR GB
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